Our Services

Residential & Commercial Construction

Remodeling & Renovation

  • Framing, drywall and painting
  • Flooring install
  • Interior finishing
  • General carpentry
  • Minor plumbing and electrical repairs
  • Demolition and clean-up

Property Maintenance

  • Commercial and residential unit turnarounds
  • Apartment or detached units

Sidewalk, Walkway & Driveway Repair

  • Trip hazard cutting
  • Crack filling

Exterior Projects

  • Driveway and sidewalk repair
  • Garage construction
  • Deck, fence, and shed builds
  • Exterior finishing
  • Garbage and debris removal
Prioritizing Health & Safety

Safety protocol

BuildUp Saskatoon is committed to safety and has established standardized protocol for entering, creating, and working in a safe work site. Prioritizing the health and safety of our crew, our clients and their surrounding communities are at the core of how our program operates. At Build Up we administer safe on-site work practices that adhere to our federal, provincial, and municipal work site procedures for public work sites. We keep an open dialog between our crew, supervisors, and our clients to ensure a respectful safe work environment.