Our Program

What sets Build Up Saskatoon apart from mainstream construction contractors is our goal to hire crew members who would typically face multiple barriers to employment.  Our primary focus is working with individuals who have previous experience in the justice system. 

The stigma associated with having a criminal record presents a significant impediment to meaningful employment, impacting both the individual and their ability to provide a decent and dignified life for themselves and their loved ones. The struggle to find employment can mean that individuals may have no alternative but to resort to illegal behaviours in order to provide for their basic needs. At the very least, prolonged periods of unemployment mean a reliance on public services when the individual has the ability and motivation to be gainfully employed.

Build Up seeks to provide all the necessary supports to help individuals find a meaningful path for themselves through trades training and skill development.

Crew Member Quote

“I have surprised myself with how much I have learned, and how my skills continue to develop. Being in a supportive workplace really makes a difference”

– Nicole

How do I get connected?

Our crew have been referred to the program from a variety of community partners including STR8UP, CORCAN, Partners in Employment, Quint Development among others.

Interested in an opportunity with Build Up?

Reach out to us through email, or drop by Quint Development’s office at Station 20 West to learn more.