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Who we are

Build Up Saskatoon is a contracting business with a social purpose.

As a social enterprise, we offer industry-standard contracting services and promote a diverse and inclusive workforce. Build Up Saskatoon offers steady employment, mentorship, and other social supports to our employees to aid them towards meaningful, long-term employment in the construction industry.

We are also an ambitious contracting company with high standards for our work.

All of our projects are overseen by an experienced contractor and a full-time journeyman site supervisor to ensure that they meet or exceed industry expectations for safety and quality.

How we do it

Our Model


high quality residential and light-commercial contracting services.


construction skills, safety training, and employment skills for crew members


equitable access to employment.

“This program really built me up.”

Catherine first came to Quint during her third year apprenticeship as an electrician. The industry had slowed down and she was not confident in securing work in her field. She connected with Quint’s Core Neighbourhoods at Work program and with the help of an Employment Coordinator, Catherine was connected to an employment opportunity with Build Up Saskatoon.

Build Up Saskatoon arose in 2018 from the shared vision of STR8 UP and Quint Development Corporation.

STR8 UP supports individuals to leave a gang lifestyle and notice that many of their members struggle to find a job due to a previous criminal record, even after years of crime-free life and meaningful community participation. Quint Development has 18 years of experience providing employment services and is deeply committed to building and maintaining an inclusive workforce.  As a program of Quint Development Corporation, Build Up Saskatoon benefits from the established practices, community connections, and organization of a non-profit that has provided leadership in the core neighbourhoods since 1995.

We’re building up

Since we were established, Build Up has grown in the number of crew members we employ, the scale of projects we take on, and the level of on-the-job skills training we provide. Starting off with odd jobs like snow removal and painting, our contracting business has transitioned to securing contracts for large scale house remodelling and renovation projects. We have also expanded our scope to work with all levels of government on developing outcomes purchasing and social procurement policies. 

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