This program really built me up

Catherine first came to Quint during her third year apprenticeship as an electrician.

The industry had slowed down and she was not confident in securing work in her field. She connected with Quint’s Core Neighbourhoods at Work program and with the help of an Employment Coordinator, Catherine was connected to an employment opportunity with Build Up Saskatoon.

Catherine appreciated that her strengths as an electrician were being utilized, while becoming more versatile within her trade through the mentorship she received.

“The support system was so critical for me, that type of inclusion is something I had not experienced at work before. Dan and Mike, Build Up’s leadership team, really wanted to help me get back into my trade, it made me want to apply for electrical jobs again!”

Build Up supported Catherine in landing her current job with the electrical union.

She is now working towards earning her hours for her fourth year apprenticeship and she attributes the experience with Build Up as a critical part of her journey in re-entering the electrical field, “ I feel so much better. Everyday, my anxiety is lower, my mental health has done a 180. If you enjoy the job you’re going to it is so much better.”