Our commitment

Covid-19 Safety

BuildUp Saskatoon’s Standardized Protocol for entering, creating, and working in a safe work site.

• To prioritize the health and safety of our crew our clients and their surrounding communities
• To administer safe on-site work practices that adhere to our federal, provincial, and municipal work site procedures for public work sites
• An open dialog between our crew, supervisors, and our clients to ensure a respectful safe work environment

The responsibility of our managers/supervisors and our crew will be to exercise the following practices to help reduce the risk of transmission
  • Avoid touching face with unwashed hands
  • Cough or sneeze into a tissue or a bent arm : not into your hands !
  • Dispose of any used tissues off site in a garbage bag, wash your hands then apply hand sanitizer
  • Wear a non-medical face covering at all times when on the work site to protect clients and co-workers
    Avoid physical greetings, no sharing of personal items ( cell phones, pens, tools )
  • All non-essential members of the public and crew are not permitted access to work site
  • Commonly used and shared tools ( saws, drills etc.) will be wiped down between uses of each crew member
  • Outside work sites are to be segregated to zones where possible to keep different crews/trades physically distanced at all time
  • Work sites both inside and out are to be arranged both physically and a work-time schedule created as it pertains to clients being at home to help reduce the risk of potential high traffic work areas
  • When having to work on areas of the house that are occupied minimum physical distance will be maintained and where possible our crew and clients will be segregated to different rooms of the house
  • Non-emergency work will not be done in any occupied space where an individual is suspected of or showing signs of Covid-19 or is under current self-isolation
  • BUS will ensure that any and all sub-trades have and adhere to Covid-19 safety policies for the workplace before entering the work site
  • Exterior work : signage may be provided to help avoid any problems with social distancing
  • BUS will provide all required safety equipment to its crew members and a supply of hand sanitizer will be kept on-site at all times during the project
  • A dialog, agreement and arrangements will be made for an on-site washroom for the crew members and all safety protocols put in place for a safe workplace

We understand how drastically different the current landscape is today and how things have changed in our industry in such a short period. We are implementing these guidelines to help ease the minds of both crew and clients that safety measures are in place and we all have to play our parts in maintaining a healthy work environment.

We look forward to workign with our clients to help them complete their projects and continue to have a positive impact on our communities!